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  1. So this is what ben macadoo was doing instead of helping the giants, thats why his ass got fired

  2. Actually rosey , have you ever waxed before?… I used to shave when I was 17… And got really fed up with my cat resembling hers (extremely ugly and irritated)… Waxing leaves it smooth as my ass and no bumps. No redness. No irritation when growing back. Its AMAZING. Some women just cant shave without it looking so horrid. Thats why there are other alternatives. Like waxing. Sugar wax. Laser removal. Etc… Its about just as harsh, if not worse for the skin. But better results!

  3. My hubby and I love that you posted this. You are so very sexy and your partner has a nice cock btw. And you Lindsey are so sexy. We’d love to meet you – yet for now we will just enjoy the fantasy. Thank you sweets.

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