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  1. I had to reset my password and figure out my username just so that I could spread the word of the glorious master race. Gpus won’t matter when it comes to porn, it’s more reliant on the CPU, and the video wasn’t recorded at 8k resolutions. I know this was satire, but you hit us with the furry ass emoticon, and I will never forgive you for that.

  2. this really make my panties wet…i wish it was me getting that dick…i want some cock right now

  3. Perfect lips for buffing!!!! What a fucking knockout she is!!!! id ea that for three days straight!

  4. That go so lovey dovey at the end I felt like I was watching something I’m not supposed to see haha.

  5. Your boyfriend is fucking hot that chest and dick, can you cum control him?

  6. I’m not lesbian, but Nina can take me anytime she wants! She’s amazing eating pussy!

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